Below is a small list of frequently asked questions. Please see the information below. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask one of the coaches or reach out to us at Spotlight Studios directly.

What is that “Chant” song before performances and competitions?

Prior to the team settling into position, you will see Coach Stacey solicit the audience to rise. At that time, on her cue, we begin: “Front and Center, Spotlight Dominates!” [Clap, Clap] 4X Repeat thru to last time, cued by Stacey. Once Chant is complete you may return to your seated position. And yes, we chant for ALL Spotlight teams!

Can I buy used uniforms?

Only during approved time frames, as determined by the office. Used gear must be in excellent shape and follow the pricing set by the office.

Who do I talk to about the balance on my account? Do you take credit cards?

You will want to talk to Andrea Parker or LeeAnn Ramsey. You may email them at officeatspotlight@gmail.com Yes, we accept cash, check, and card payments. All tuition is due by the 1 st of each month. Late fees will apply.

Is it ok for undergarments to show?

No. Please ensure bra straps and underwear are hidden and not seen through or outside of gear.

How do I sign up for a private lesson?

You will schedule a time with your desired coach.

Where can I get a hair piece for my athlete?

Although hair pieces are not required, they are strongly encouraged. Approved brands are Bella Pony www.bellapony.com and Beehive Cheer Hair www.beehivecheerhair.com.

Why do I have to have a tan?

Event stage lighting is unforgiving. Without a tan, athletes glow and the look is not complimentary.

Why can’t I wear jewelry?

Jewelry poses a safety risk and is not allowed at competition events.

Can I use lotions before we compete?

Adding lotions makes the skin slippery and significantly reduces the ability to “grip” during stunting.

Spotlight Studios Handbook

Below is the 2023-2024 Spotlight Studios Northstar Handbook to view online or download. Please reference it for information about all Spotlight Studios Programs, Rules, Policies, and more.